Raspberry Pi Workshop!

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2017-09-25 01:05 - 2017-09-26 01:05

NUS ECE Club shall be having a Raspberry Pi Workshop! Hosted by ECE’s very own Dr Rajesh Panicker, you can gain insights on the following:

– LED blinking: blink upon receiving incoming mail
– Installing Linux
– Controlling motors (with demos)
– Kodi video streaming
– Running websites on the device
– Making Raspberry Pi a web server

Also, during the workshop, you may stand a chance to win some attractive prizes too! They include Raspberry Pi accessories that are pretty rare, so sign up now to find out what may be in store for you!

We will also be selling Raspberry Pi kits and accessories if you’re interested in getting a set for yourself! This shall be held on 21st Sep 2017, and we would like to thank Element14 for providing and selling the inventory!

To know more about Raspberry Pi you may visit